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Conference Africa reinvents its economy - JAGA 2014

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Second Conference Presentation 27-30 January 2014 – Rabat, Morocco - Horizon 2060 Initiative

By (ARGA, 2013)

Using the celebration of independences fiftieth anniversary in many African countries as an opportunity, the Alliance for Governance in Africa Rebuilding(ARGA) judged it necessary to go beyond festivities and governments track records; and initiate a reflection on the continent future, by inviting all actors, Africans and non Africans, convinced that Africa can take her destiny in hand, to join the initiative aiming to design the lines of a new political, economic, social and cultural prospective enabling to put the continent on the road to emergence, to build a project for the next fifty years, so that the independences symbolic centennial be celebrated in a true independence.

The Africa Horizon 2060 initiative is thus managed through a series of four conferences lead on the following themes, judged as critical for Africa future:

  • Africa reinventing its governance (Praia, Cap Vert-2012)

  • Africa reinventing its economy (Rabat, Morocco-2014)

  • Africa renegotiating its place in the world (2015)

  • A project for 2060(Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, 2015)