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Action Proposals from the Forum on Governance in Africa - Addis Abeba

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By (Alliance pour refonder la gouvernance en Afrique, November 2005)

The participants at the Forum on Governance in Africa, Addis Abeba, November 2005, organised by the AU and the Alliance, have proposed :

Action Proposals

  • 1. Continue the process started in Addis Abeba from November 24th to 26th 2005 by creating an open and ongoing platform for regular dialogue and continuous reflection between stakeholders at different levels of governance in order to impulse, nourrish and strengthen existing mecanisms and structures.

    - Organise (sub)regional workshops/governance forums with the different stakeholders (regional organisations; governments, civil society, local councils, private sector, traditional authorities.)

  • 2. Enhance the project of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance by:

    - mobilising the potential of actors at local level in order to promote ownership

    - facilitate the emergence of the local dimension.

  • 3. Ensure the representation of local government associations in the AU through an appropriate mecanism.

  • 4. Create a process of dialogue and reflection about the links between governance and the private sector including the informal economy.

  • 5. Create and reinforce links between local and regional peace initiatives in oder to give impulses to and strengthen the Council for Peace and Security, particularly via ECOSOCC.

  • 6. Create an interafrican research group on modes of governance in Africa.


Based on lessons learned, strengthen APRM as a strategic and efficient tool of the African Union and the NEPAD programme by promoting ownership of stakeholders at all levels of governance including civil society and the private sector.Sur la base des leçons tirées de l’expérience, renforcer l’APRM comme instrument stratégique et efficace de l’Union Africaine et du programme NEPAD en renforçant l’appropriation des acteurs aux différentes échelles de gouvernance notamment la société civile et le secteur privé.

We suggest the African Union and the Alliance for the Refounding of Governance in Africa define the appropriate channels in order to implement this action plan.


Addis Abeba, November 26th 2005