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Governance, local development and decentralisation

Project initiatives

Project leadership

If you wish to contribute to this thematic project, please contact M. Falilou Mbacké Cissé : falilou@afrique-gouvernance.net

The local level initiative group was created to help consolidate and spread decentralisation and local development processes initiated on the African continent. The local level is vital in rebuilding post-colonial States because of its political, democratic and economic potential, so it has always been a primordial theme for the Alliance’s reflection and action. But the Alliance’s interest in the local level was further piqued by the challenge of the Addis Forum to enrich the African Union’s Charter on Governance. This level of governance had not in fact been sufficiently taken into account in the initiative, primarily because the African Union has not always had the opportunity to work with various actors on the local level. The Alliance and the Addis Forum now hope to use this initiative group to mobilise all local actors in a project to construct a collective vision and strategy, as well as mechanisms for implementing local policies.


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