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Proposals booklets

One of the Alliance’s objectives is to design and discuss proposals for change in African governance.

This objective is part of a wider goal: construct an African way of thinking and concrete governance proposals, and free Africa from ‘ready-to-use’ systems handed down by former colonisers or forced on the continent by international institutions–particularly financial ones. Proposals booklets reflect the Alliance’s desire to continue discussing basic concepts and notions of African governance–in particular the concept of legitimate governance. They also demonstrate the methodology used by the Alliance when designing its proposals for change. (See the section on the Alliance’s methods and tools.)

Above all, proposals booklets reconcile the need for an overall project to rebuild governance in Africa and the need to examine concrete issues and respond to concrete needs. The diversity of approaches to governance is highlighted by providing four possible angles for discussion while also maintaining the overall coherence of the project. These angles are: principles of governance (pluralism, rootedness, cooperation, etc.), domains of governance (economy, public services, constitutions, etc.), levels of governance (local, national, regional, continental and worldwide) and actors in governance (administration, elected officials, civil society, universities, etc.)




  • Perfis de governança

    Diagnóstico da governança em África a partir de experiências concretas de actores