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AIF = African Innovation Foundation


The purpose of the foundation is to support the sustainable development of African countries and promote the prosperity of the people who live there. The foundation’s initiators and members include Angolan and Swiss businessmen as well as specialists in the fields of politics, development aid and finance.

AIF’s areas of activity encompass projects in the fields of education, healthcare, nature conservancy, infrastructure and research. The foundation seeks to establish cooperation platforms for institutions, investors and scientists and promote ideas to support them. AIF also wishes to promote transparent processes and procedures within the public sector and combat illegitimate appropriation and dissipation of resources within both the private and public domains.

Contact informations

  • Address: Strehlgasse 4 8001 Zurich

  • Country: Switzerland

  • Telephone: +41 43 500 25 70    Fax: +41 44 575 32 27